About Us

Meet the Flavored Crew

Flavored Threads founders Eric and Juan worked on tee design, sales, and screen printing as early as ’93, but the true taste of Flavored Threads came together when the two spent long hours in the cubicle rat race amusing each other with irreverent ideas for tees.

These former techies fancied themselves as word-slingers and designers and promptly left the 9-5 to create unique tees that read the flavor of the times and respond with smart-alec wit and eye-catching design.

Using entrepreneurial cojones and their wives’ health insurance coverage, the Flavored Crew built the brand independent of investors and loans, paying dues by working out of old tire garages with no heat and peddling tees out of students’ backpacks on football Saturdays.

The team is now thriving, and prides itself on using local and state suppliers. Recent milestones include product placement in retail stores like Campus Den and sponsorship of Lansing’s annual Common Ground Music Festival.

The Flavored Crew Is. . .

Eric Fuentes: The Fuentes family has a strong entrepreneurial line, and Eric milks that by contributing to the artistic direction, design lines, tech needs, and graphic prowess of the team. He likes problem solving, Xbox during work hours, and can make a carne guisada that will make you weep.

Juan Hernandez: Juan’s wife says “I could drop you off anywhere and come back and you’d have 10 new friends and a tee time scheduled for tomorrow morning.” The Flavored Crew uses this social butterfly for sales, marketing, and social media.


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